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The Hidden Costs Of DWI

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You may know that if you are convicted of a 1st offense DWI, you could spend up to one year in jail and you may know you will have to pay some fines and court costs. But did you know that there are other hidden costs if you are convicted and these costs get worse with each subsequent conviction? You will be required to attend alcohol or substance abuse classes at your expense unless we win your case.

If your job depends on your ability to drive a car and your license is suspended, you could lose your job and your ability to pay your bills.

You could be denied car, life and medical insurance or be required to pay higher costs to obtain insurance. If your profession requires a professional license, a DWI conviction could affect the validity of that license and make it difficult for you to keep your job in that profession.

You may be required to serve community service at your expense, you may not be able to travel to some countries.
At Norwood and Norwood, we want to help you avoid the hidden costs of a DWI conviction. it costs you absolutely nothing to come an d visit us. You don’t have to hire us but don’t miss this opportunity to hear what we have to say about your case. We’d love to help.