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If you have been charged with a felony, you may be worried because you might not know what to do. Additionally, you are facing up to six years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines, even on the least serious felony charge. We assure you; we know what to do. Over 35,000 people charged with crimes have trusted us to fight for them, including thousands of people with felony charges.

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Attorney Doug Norwood has served as a former prosecutor and has been practicing criminal defense for over 30 years. He leads a team of attorneys with almost 100 years of combined experience, including experience as former prosecutors. All of this gives us the knowledge to work toward the best outcome possible.

Trust us to fight for you. We are committed to delivering high-quality service, which is why we have hundreds of 5-star reviews, and the people of Northwest Arkansas have voted us Best of NWA Criminal Lawyer, NWA Democrat-Gazette.

We have had thousands of felony charges:

  • Dismissed,
  • Acquitted,
  • Reduced to misdemeanors,
  • Kept off criminal records, or
  • Kept from being filed.

A small sample of some of our felony case results:

  • Dismissed: Aggravated Assault (State v I.I.)
  • Dismissed: Possession - Meth (State v I.I.)
  • Dismissed: Delivery - Controlled Substance (State v J.V.)
  • Dismissed: Battery (State v E.L.)
  • Dismissed: Terroristic Threatening (State v T.L.)
  • Kept off record: Possession - Meth (State v B.M.)
  • Dismissed: Robbery (State v M.G.)
  • Dismissed: Felon in Possession of Firearm (State v E.V.)
  • Dismissed: Rape (State v K.S.)

Check out more felony results below or by clicking here.

If you have been charged with a felony, we advise you to plead “not guilty.” Pleading “guilty” means that the judge will sentence you on every charge – possibly up to the maximum penalties. Being charged with a felony is a serious situation. Even the least serious felony charge is punishable by a prison sentence of up to 6 years. Please realize pleading guilty to the judge means you will leave the court in handcuffs. Any experienced lawyer will tell you to plead NOT guilty. Most of our clients do not serve time behind bars.

Can Felony Charges Be Dropped?

Even if someone has been accused of a felony, the charge may be dropped. However, resolving a criminal case this way is not something that the alleged offender nor the victim can do themselves.

When a person allegedly commits a crime, they are violating state law. A prosecutor, working on behalf of the State, is the one to bring charges. It’s their decision whether or not to pursue the matter.

Before criminal charges are officially filed against the alleged offender, the prosecutor will examine the evidence. If the prosecutor believes they have enough evidence to support the charge and seek a conviction, they will move forward with the case.

However, if they don’t feel that the case is strong enough, they may drop the felony charges.

Below are a few reasons a felony charge may be dropped:

  • Weak evidence
  • Illegally obtained evidence
  • Contradictory testimonies
  • Investigation violated the defendant’s constitutional rights

We mentioned earlier that neither the defendant nor the victim can drop charges, but that doesn’t mean they can’t request that the prosecutor do so. A victim may decide that they don’t want to pursue the matter and ask for charges to be dropped. The prosecutor does not have to honor the victim’s wishes, but their case may be weakened if they don’t have the victim’s testimony.

Additionally, while examining the facts of the case, the defendant and their lawyer might identify weaknesses in evidence or procedural errors that occurred during the investigation. They can point this out to the prosecutor and show how it would cast doubt on their arguments. With this information, the prosecutor might decide to drop the felony charges because the evidence won’t support their case or convince a judge or jury of the defendant’s guilt.

Experience Matters. Results Matter. Your Attorney Matters.

We take cases to trial, which helps us get great deals. The prosecutors know which attorneys fight the hardest for their clients.

Prosecutors who have come to work for Norwood and Norwood, P.A. have said they gave our clients the best possible deal for two reasons:

  1. They respected us for fighting so hard for our clients, and
  2. They knew if they did not, they would have to spend time getting ready for trial. That is why most of our clients don’t go to prison!

We know it is a stressful time right now. Don’t worry. We’ve got this. We will work hard toward a favorable outcome, such as getting your case dismissed or minimizing the criminal penalties.

We want to help! Contact us at (479) 235-4600. We are available 24/7

At your free visit, we will offer you reasonable fees, affordable payments with a low down payment (Visa/MasterCard/Discover accepted).

We will also discuss how we seek to:

  • Get felony charges dismissed
  • Keep defendants out of prison
  • Keep felony charges off criminal records
  • Protect gun rights
  • Prevent probation sentences
  • Keep fines low
  • Protect voting rights

Many of our clients with felony charges felt they were guilty and did not expect to win or get charges dismissed. However, at Norwood & Norwood, P.A., we have helped thousands of clients obtain case dismissals and have successfully negotiated reduced charges for countless others. Our Northwest Arkansas felony lawyers are here to provide the personalized legal counsel you deserve. Regardless of how complex the matter, we can provide the information you need to make an informed decision about how to proceed with your case.

Common Felony Crimes

Under Arkansas law, crimes are divided into two broad categories: misdemeanors and felonies. Felonies are more serious than a misdemeanor. Whether a crime is charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depends on the severity of the crime. The punishments set depend on the level of offense.

Several offenses can be charged as felonies, including:

  • Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Delivery of a Controlled Substance
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Breaking and Entering
  • Theft
  • Residential Burglary
  • Commercial Burglary
  • Leaving the Scene of a Personal Injury Accident
  • Battery
  • Terroristic Threatening
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Violation of Probation
  • Felon in Possession of a Firearm
  • Forgery
  • Failure to Appear
  • False Imprisonment
  • Filing a False Police Report
  • Endangering the Welfare of a Minor
  • Robbery
  • DWI
  • Sexual Assault
  • Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms
  • Rape
  • Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card
  • Arson
  • Sex crimes
  • Drug crimes

We have had many of the charges listed dismissed or acquitted at trial for our clients.

Penalties for Felony Offenses in NWA

In Arkansas, felony crimes are divided into five classes, with increasing penalties based on the severity of the crime. Class D felonies are the least serious and are punishable by up to 6 years in prison. Class Y felonies carry the harshest penalties and can land a person in jail for life.

The following are the penalties for Arkansas felonies:

Class D Felony

Punishable by:

  • Between 0 and 6 years in prison and/or
  • Up to $10,000 in fines

Examples of offenses:

  • Aggravated assault: This occurs when a person, showing extreme indifference to the lives of others, does something that can cause death or serious physical injury to someone else, displays a gun in a way that can result in death or bodily injury to another, or chokes or suffocates someone.
  • Video voyeurism: A person commits this offense when they use a camera to record a person who is in a private place, had a reasonable expectation of privacy, and did not consent to the observation.

Class C Felony

Punishable by:

  • Between 3 and 10 years in prison and/or
  • Up to $10,000 in fines

Examples of offenses:

  • Manslaughter: A person may be charged with this offense when they are under extreme emotional disturbance and cause another’s death, assist someone in committing suicide, recklessly take someone’s life, or commit or attempt to commit a felony and negligently cause someone to die.
  • First-degree false imprisonment: Charges may be brought when a person unlawfully restrains another in a way that could cause substantial risk of physical injury.

Class B Felony

Punishable by:

  • Between 5 and 20 years in prison and/or
  • Up to $15,000 in fines

Examples of offenses:

  • First-degree battery: A person commits this offense when they cause serious physical injury by using a deadly weapon, with extreme indifference to human life, or when committing or attempting to commit a felony.
  • Robbery: This offense occurs when a person uses physical force to commit a misdemeanor or felony theft.

Class A Felony

Punishable by:

  • Between 6 and 30 years in prison and/or
  • Up to $15,000 in fines

Examples of offenses:

  • First-degree sexual assault: This charge may be levied when a person engages in sexual intercourse with a minor or a person under 21 years of age and the alleged offender is in a specific profession.
  • Trafficking in persons: A person may be accused of this offense if they engage in any conduct, such as recruiting or selling others, that leads to an individual being subject to involuntary servitude.

Class Y Felony

Punishable by:

  • Between 10 and 40 years or life in prison

Examples of offenses:

  • First-degree murder: This offense occurs when a person intends to kill someone and does so, causes another’s death while committing or attempting to commit a felony, or takes the life of a person 14 years of age or younger.
  • Kidnapping: An accusation for this offense may arise when a person unlawfully restrains another and holds them for ransom or other demands, uses them as a shield, uses them to commit a felony, injures them, engages in sexual intercourse with them, or terrorizes them.

A hidden cost of a felony conviction is the loss of gun rights. Contact us to see what Norwood & Norwood, P.A. can do about saving your gun rights!

Felony convictions can end up on a person’s permanent criminal record. This often makes it difficult for people convicted of felonies to find a job, apply for housing, or get accepted to an educational institution. Although certain crimes can be sealed, many times, the conviction is impossible to remove from one’s criminal history.

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Felony Case Results

We Can Help You Achieve a Great Outcome

  • Possession - Meth Dismissed
  • Aggravated Assault Dismissed
  • Delivery - Controlled Substance Dismissed
  • Possession - Pills Dismissed
  • Terroristic Threatening Dismissed
  • Residential Burglary Dismissed
  • Delivery - Controlled Substance Dismissed
  • Domestic Battery Dismissed
  • Possession - w/ Intent to Deliver Dismissed
  • Aggravated Assault Dismissed
  • Sex Assault Dismissed
  • Residential Burglary Kept Off Record
  • Theft of Property Dismissed
  • Resisting Arrest Dismissed
  • Refusal to Submit to Arrest Dismissed
  • Carry Prohibited Weapon Dismissed
  • DWI 4th Offense Reduced to Misdemeanor
  • Violation of Probation Dismissed
  • Robbery Dismissed
  • Filing a False Police Report Dismissed
  • Hot Checks Dismissed
  • Leave Scene Personal Injury Acc. Dismissed
  • Violation of Probation Dismissed
  • Terroristic Threatening Dismissed
  • Possession - Drug Paraphernalia Dismissed
  • Theft by Receiving Dismissed
  • Cruelty to Animals Dismissed
  • Possession - Meth Kept Off Record
  • Intimidating a Witness Dismissed
  • Possession - Pills Dismissed
  • Theft of Property Kept Off Record
  • Endangering Welfare of Minor Dismissed
  • Theft of Property Dismissed
  • Possession - Controlled Substance Dismissed
  • Criminal Mischief Kept Off Record
  • Rape Dismissed
  • Manufacturing a Controlled Substance Dismissed
  • Felon in Possession of Firearm Dismissed
  • Commercial Burglary Dismissed
  • Forgery Kept Off Record
  • Terroristic Threatening Dismissed
  • Possession - Meth Dismissed
  • Possession - w/ Intent to Deliver Dismissed
  • Robbery Dismissed
  • DWI - 4th Offense Not Guilty
  • Violation of Probation Dismissed
  • Possession - w/ Intent to Deliver Dismissed
  • Sex Assault Not Guilty
  • Resisting Arrest Dismissed
  • Forgery Dismissed
  • Breaking and Entering Dismissed
  • Delivery of a Controlled Substance Dismissed
  • Aggravated Assault Dismissed
  • Possession - Mushrooms Dismissed
  • Possession - Drugs & Firearm Dismissed
  • Rape Dismissed
  • Delivery of a Controlled Substance Dismissed
  • Criminal Mischief Dismissed
  • Battery Kept Off Record
  • Possession - Meth Kept Off Record

Opinions that Matter

Hundreds of 5 Star Reviews
  • “FELONY CASE DISMISSED! I was charged with Possession of a Firearm, Theft by Receiving and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia....The attorneys were able to prove my case to the Prosecutor and as a result all 3 charges were DISMISSED!!!!”

    - Jack
  • “Drug Crime DISMISSED! From the moment I walked in I could tell I made the right decision. After picking up a drug charge Norwood helped me with my case allowing the charge to be dropped and expounged! Best Lawyer group in NWA.”

    - Ricky
  • “Drug Charges Dismissed! Thanks to the hard work of all the Norwood Norwood family. Everything from the fee to the friendliness and the result were fabulous.”

    - Herman
  • “Felony Charges Dropped! Norwood & Norwood are excellent lawyers. I was facing felony drug charges and they were able to get the charges dropped.”

    - Jeff
  • “Felony charge reduced to misdemeanor, no jail! I didn't see any prison or jail time and ended up with only a misdemeanor offense. I am 100% satisfied with Norwood and Norwood and would recommend them to anyone.”

    - Bill
  • “Felony charge dropped! Norwood & Norwood is a great law firm. I was facing a serious felony and Angela Hyde got my charges reduced to a misdemeanor with no jail time, no public service, with minimal fees at a reasonable price.”

    - A.R.B.
  • “I would recommend them to anyone who is facing felony charges. My charges were amended to a misdemeanor and ultimately dismissed.”

    - Jose
  • “I was in serious trouble and could have gone to prison. I didn't have to do any jail and they even got me a misdemeanor rather than a felony. I would absolutely recommend this firm.”

    - Pat
  • “Norwood got my felony charge dismissed. I am so happy because that saved my job and my future and I was so stressed out I could barely breath and am now so happy I am dancing for joy. Thank you thank you thank you”

    - Paul
  • “Felony case reduced to misdemeanor with no jail time served! I had an initial assault charge reduced to harassment, and I didn't have to serve any jail time. The attorneys at Norwood and Norwood worked very hard to ensure the best outcome for me.”

    - Jackson
  • “Felony Dismissed! Norwood and Norwood by far surpassed any expectations. They have always been thorough in their duties and on point with ensuring I was notified and informed of all aspects throughout.”

    - Lee
  • “Felony terroristic threatening charges dismissed! I was charged with a felony against my wife who was pregnant. My attorney was able to get get the no contact order amended so that I could be with my wife when my daughter was born.”

    - Jamie
  • “Felony Revoke Dismissed! I thought that I was in jail for 2 years on the revoke. Luckily I found this firm and they were able to work with the Prosecutor to get them to completely dismiss the revoke.”

    - Rambo
  • “Felony Sex Assault Dismissed! My attorneys believed me from the beginning and were willing to take my case all the way to a jury trial and we WON!!”

    - Robin
  • “Felony case - Great Attorney! Throughout the entire process facing this felony charge, i was given peace and a sense of security while the Norwood team took the steps necessary for the best possible outcome.”

    - Jennifer
  • “Did a really great job with my up coming case fighting a felony charge dropped to a misdemeanor.”

    - Nathan
  • “Best lawyers hands down! I hired Norwood & Norwood not too long ago to help me fight a drug charge against me that I knew could carry long term effects. Norwood ended up clearing me of my charges and they were able to keep my record clean!”

    - Carol
  • “Got my drug charges DISMISSED! I was charged with a drug charge and I was on parole so I was super scared that I was going to go to prison. Norwood got the drug charges dismissed and I am so grateful.”

    - Tony
  • “Norwood and Norwood was able to get my residential burglary and assault charges nolle prossed.”

    - Clint
  • “The terroristic threatening charges were completely dropped - I don't know of any other firm in NW Arkansas that can come close in comparison to them.”

    - Us Veteran
  • “I got caught with a meth pipe in my pocket and this team of lawyers got it dismiss with no plea, no classes, no public service and no jail! I ended up paying only $100 on the drug charges.”

    - Al
  • “I got caught with felony drugs because officers searched my car to see what they could find. The cops tried to get me to work with them to get a better result on my case. In the end, the Norwood firm got my entire case dropped without me going to court.”

    - Taylor
  • “Drug Case Dismissed - Norwood has the best reputation in Benton County. After using them I would have to say they are the best attorneys I have ever used. 5 stars!!!!!!!!!”

    - John
  • “I have used the Norwood firm many times. They always get great results. This time the police found drugs in my car. We decided to have a trial and the Judge found me not guilty.”

    - Alex
  • “Felony Drug Charges - Norwood came through for me, an answered prayer. Got my case dismissed so easily. I'm so thankful they where on my side.”

    - Carly
  • “Norwood got my felony charge dismissed. I am so happy because that saved my job and my future and I was so stressed out I could barely breathe and am now so happy I am dancing for joy. Thank you thank you thank you”

    - Paul
  • “I love Norwood and Norwood! I was charged with a felony drug charge. Norwood was able to get it dismissed. No court, no record, no fines , no nothing. I was so scared.”

    - Rachel
  • “They got my felony dropped to a misdemeanor, my probation revocation completely dismissed and they were able to help me keep my act 346 so I don't have to be considered a felon anymore and get back all the rights I had lost.”

    - Billy
  • “So grateful I hired the Norwood law firm. I thought I was going to jail for sure. They got rid of the most serious charge and kept the other charges from going on my record and I didn't even have to go to court.”

    - Romeo
  • “Mrs. Norwood's years of negotiations with prosecutors was evident when a plea deal was reached, with an outcome that exceeded our hopes. The Norwood Firm gave our son a future without a felony conviction.”

    - Mary
  • “They got me the very best I could hope for in the circumstances. I didn't see any prison or jail time and ended up with only a misdemeanor offense. I am 100% satisfied with Norwood and Norwood and would recommend them to anyone.”

    - Bill
  • “This will be my second time with this firm, and I have to say they are amazing at what they do. For my second time with them they are doing fantastic just as they did the first time!”

    - Kirk
  • “I thought my life is over but Norwood told me there’s a solution to everything. I could not be happier with the outcomes of my cases. I was facing some serious felony charges but Norwood was able to get the felony charges dismissed.”

    - Juan
  • “Overwhelmed and pleased with the representation I received from Mr. Norwood. I would recommend them to anyone who is facing felony charges. My charges were amended to a misdemeanor and ultimately dismissed.”

    - Jose
  • “Felony Sex Assault Dismissed! I am a local business man and I was in the unfortunate position of being wrongfully charged with felony sexual assault. Everyone here from the receptionist to Mr. Norwood himself has your back.”

    - Robin

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