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Do You Need A Lawyer?

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You don’t have to have an attorney but we believe that you need an attorney to protect your rights, and an experienced one.

There are two main reasons to hire an attorney. The first is that the only probable way to win your case is to have an attorney. The second reason is that if there is no way to win your case, you need an attorney to try to keep you out of jail and keep charges off of your record. Most of our clients never go to jail. We have seen many, many occasions where people did not get an attorney and just plead guilty to a judge, and the judge sentenced them to a lot of jail time and fines. Then their families come hire us to appeal their cases to get them out of jail and try to undo the damage. A lot of people who are charged with a crime think, “I am guilty. I’ve got to plead guilty because there is no way to get out of it.” That’s just not true. We have either won or had dismissed thousands upon thousands of criminal charges for our clients.

I bet that when the majority of those people hired us they didn’t have a clue that we would find a way to win or get charges dismissed. It costs you absolutely nothing to come visit us and see if we can do that for you. You don’t have to hire us but don’t miss this opportunity to hear what we have to say about your case. We’d love to help.