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Sex Crimes, Drug Defense And Other Felonies

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If you’ve been charged with a felony in the state of Arkansas, it is critically important for you to understand the consequences if you are convicted. Penalties for felony convictions are harsh. If you’re found guilty they could include prison time, high fines, loss of gun rights, and voting rights.

The first thing that you should know that, in America, you are innocent until proven guilty.

Doug Norwood and the Norwood & Norwood criminal defense team have successfully defended more than 35,000 criminal cases over the last 25 years. Mr. Norwood was voted as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Arkansas, and as super lawyer.

The Norwood criminal defense team is made up of experienced trial lawyers including former deputy prosecutors and negotiators. We fight zealously for our clients. Our number one priority is to win your case and to minimize the damage to you.

Norwood & Norwood has had thousands of our former clients refer other people to us. Thousands of former clients have come back and used our firm when they have gotten into trouble again. We have represented hundreds, if not thousands of clients that have been referred to us by other attorneys, police officers, judges and other people in the criminal justice field that know our reputation for delivering great results for our clients.

We at Norwood & Norwood have a passion for helping our clients. All of us make mistakes in this life and our job it is to help you through this stressful time. We work really hard for our clients trying to get the best possible result for every single client that we have. So call us today so we can start helping you.